Cezanne Perfect Finish - Smoothness Without Formaldehydes!

 At Sedona Salon and Spa we care about health of the hair. That’s why when we choose new brands we always give our preferences to the best and safest products that can make a difference. Cezanne Keratin Smoothing treatment is one of them.

The Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment uses a revolutionary approach to actually open the hair cuticle and facilitate a change in the curl pattern of the hair at the molecular level. Other brands may use harsh, alkaline products with a high pH to raise the cuticle to excessive levels, a process that can actually damage the hair. Simple hydration of the hair at a lower pH provides a gentler, less extreme cuticle lift that is nevertheless sufficient for Cezanne’s small molecules to penetrate to the cortex. Extensive product testing has revealed that the Cezanne Perfect Finish Treatment yields optimal results at a low pH, comparable to that of lemon juice. There is no formation of formaldehyde – or any aldehyde that may generate noxious gases. No unpleasant odor as with carbocysteine products.

Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment will reduce frizz and deliver straighter, smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair and will last for months. Hair can still hold a curl if you desire. You can go right from the salon to the gym, swim, use pins or pony tail. There is no waiting period so you leave the salon with beautiful, healthy, manageable hair.

The Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Smoothing Treatment is next-generation smoothing system that uses the latest advances in science, along with only the finest ingredients, to create a product that deliver the results clients want from a keratin smoothing treatment, safely and effectively.


Service time 2.5 hours - $280+

Price varies from the hair length. Free consultation available.

Appointment is required.
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